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Repair of wooden windows and doors

Despite the fairly widespread use of plastic double-glazed windows, skirting boards, etc., wooden windows remain the most common solution, and they will be discussed.

Repair of wooden windows, doors. Troubleshooting
First, check if windows and doors open and close well.
All defects, if any, should be eliminated before painting, then this will be much more difficult.

A typical problem in houses of the old construction is the loosening of the door frame, and the subsidence of the door leaf. These defects are easily fixed. In order to fix the loose door frame, drill 2-3 holes on each side in the box and at the end of the wall, and hammer in wooden plugs in them.
The problem with the subsidence of the door leaf is also easily fixed, for this it is not even necessary to remove it from the hinges. Place a divorced hacksaw under the door, stand on it with your foot, and several times vigorously open and close the door until a gap appears between the door leaf and the floor.
Also, it will not be superfluous to retreat from the junction of loops 1.5cm. drill a small hole in each upper half loop. If later the door begins to creak, in order to lubricate the hinges, you do not have to remove the door leaf from the hinges.

Wooden windows, like doors, dry out over time and require fitting and sealing.
You can determine the places that need to be adjusted by carefully examining the paintwork on the end face of the wings. In severe cases, when closing the window, put carbon paper between the end of the sash and the central part of the frame, problem areas will be clearly visible.

The problem of restoring the sealing of the joints between the glass and the frame can be solved in different ways, from using window putty to installing the glasses on the previously applied sealant layer, but good results can be achieved without removing the glasses from the frames.
To do this, warm the syringe with paraffin in hot water (60-80 C), and, having removed the needle, pour paraffin into the slots. Surplus paraffin, after it cools down, is easily removed.
Repair of wooden windows, doors. Surface preparation
When all defects have been eliminated, you can begin to prepare the surface for painting, and directly stain.
In most cases, windows, doors, skirting boards, and platbands are covered with pentaphthalic or glyphthalic enamels. If the coating is even, without peeling and chips, it is enough to thoroughly wash the coating with warm water and soap, dry it, and then apply a new coat of paint.
If there are serious violations of the paint layer and the base itself, it is necessary to remove the old coating, putty cracks, potholes and chips, and apply a new coat of paint.

After the old paint has been removed, all the defects that need to be putty are clearly visible, and after the putty is dried, thoroughly sanded with fine sandpaper.

In any building store you will find many types of putty suitable for wooden surfaces, however, you can make a strong and reliable putty yourself. To do this, just mix wood sawdust and PVA construction glue. This putty is easily applied to the previously moistened surface of the tree, it is easily peeled, and after drying it acquires a structure similar to that of the substrate.
Window painting
And finally, some tips for painting:
Start painting by painting hard-to-reach spots with a small flute (4cm col.). Paint over the bindings of window frames, baseboards, the lower part of the door.
Start painting the door with panels, then move on to its protruding surfaces.
It is better to remove the skirting boards before painting, but if you decide to paint them in place, then to prevent paint from dripping onto the floor, you can use an ordinary scoop by placing it between the skirting board and the floor.
When painting windows, a small rectangle of cardboard attached to the junction of frames with glasses will protect them from random strokes. For the same purpose, you can glue the glass around the perimeter with masking tape.
Smooth the paint with an almost dry brush with light strokes from the bottom up.

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