Solid wood furniture
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Useful Tips
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Using a windowsill in the kitchen
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Natural wood furniture care

Natural wood furniture is an elite interior item that gives the interior decoration a special touch and chic. Ecological purity of the material, its strength and durability – all this is in favor of wooden furniture. However, such products are quite moody in everyday care.

A careless attitude to wooden furniture can lead to rotting, cracking of individual parts, and a change in the original shade. How to care for these interior items?

General recommendations
For a beautiful cabinet or chair to please you for a long time, try to adhere to the following rules, which are relevant regardless of the type of furniture and wood type:

Use the products only in accordance with their intended use. It is not recommended to place heavy objects on wooden chairs, the same applies to small shelves.
Do not place kitchen and other sets in close proximity to heating appliances.
The room in which the furniture is located must be heated (the temperature in the room should not fall below 15 degrees).
If you decide to acquire expensive antique furniture, it is recommended to maintain the optimum humidity level in the room – no more than 65 percent.
When assembling furniture, especially complex headsets, use the drawings and instructions provided by the manufacturer. If self-installation is difficult, take the help of professionals. An improperly fixed part can lead to deformation of structures and rapid breakdown of furniture.
Large wooden furniture should only be transported in disassembled condition.
Acquire special means for cleaning and polishing natural wood in advance, do not practice dubious folk tips and aggressive cleaning solutions that damage the structure of wood or paintwork.
Protect furniture from moisture. Most often, such interior items are not intended for installation in bathrooms. If you decide to buy a kitchen set made of solid wood, be prepared for gentle handling: do not leave wet sponges and rags on the countertop, as this can lead to damage to the material.
Do not abuse the repair mastic, just use it several times a year. With frequent use, a thick and difficult to remove film forms on the surface, which gives the headset an unpleasant dull shade.
If you decide to move furniture from one place to another, it is recommended to lift it for the most durable and stable part. Do not move the product on the floor, it is better to keep it on weight in order to avoid damage to the fasteners.
When removing dust, do not move various objects (vases, dishes, souvenirs) on the countertop; they should be lifted and rearranged. This will protect the material from scratches and scuffs.
The most common wood care products
Interior items made of this material need regular polishing. Due to this, their surface will be smooth and shiny, scratches will appear on products less often. Modern polishes are available in the form of aerosols or creams, the first form of release is more convenient for use and evenly distributed over the material.

Polishes effectively fill microcracks, as a result of which the material acquires a smooth texture. Most products have a pleasant smell, which also has a positive effect on interior items. Means must be used if the wooden surface has a varnish coating, so you will get rid of unaesthetic fingerprints in a timely manner. Use a soft sponge or flannel cloth to distribute the composition.

Wax for wooden furniture is another universal tool that not only removes impurities, but also forms a thin film on the surface that prevents mechanical damage and exposure to high humidity. Wax can be used instead of polishing agents or after their use. Please note that products should be applied to a previously cleaned surface.

Polishing wipes and small brushes with soft bristles are an excellent option for removing dirt in a dry way. Napkins are used for a smooth surface, while it is convenient to remove dust from relief carved furniture with brushes. It is recommended to carry out such cleaning several times a week as necessary.

Features of cleaning facades from solid wood
Below are the basic principles for removing contaminants from furniture facades:

During the cleaning process, wipe the surface in the direction of the carved pattern, in which case you will effectively remove dirt from the pores of the material.
The best option is dry cleaning. To do this, you can use a special vacuum cleaner or a soft brush. Wet cleaning is carried out as rarely as possible to prevent rotting processes.
If water gets on the furniture, immediately wipe the facade thoroughly.

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