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Massive bar counters: solid and unusual.

The bar counter is a necessary part of the ensemble of a tastefully designed interior. Such a piece of furniture is useful not only in cafes and restaurants. It looks great in a modern kitchen corner. The bar counter from the massif not only performs all its functions remarkably, but is also the main subject in the design, which visitors of the institution will always pay their attention to.

If you select interior items for a bar or restaurant, then you probably thought about their useful life. When the entire interior is built in a single harmonious style, it is not so easy to find a replacement for any element of the verified scheme. That is why a bar counter made of solid wood is the most ideal option.

Wear resistance. A bar made of natural wood will look like new for a long time. The tree is not afraid of mechanical damage and temperature extremes. Hot cups, broken dishes, guests who strive to put their hands on attractive wood – all this will not affect the appearance of the bar. And if scratches and abrasions still appear over time, then it will be enough just to re-coat the surface with varnish or oil.

Reliability. The strength of natural wood is another advantage of solid bar counters. Sometimes a lot of dishes accumulate on them, and besides, visitors like to lean on them. Such an interior item will definitely be able to withstand any load!

Environmental friendliness. Every year more and more attention is paid to this factor in furniture production. A beautiful and environmentally friendly interior is an indicator of the entrepreneur’s style and concern for those who visit his place.


The bar counter from the massif is able to create a special atmosphere in a restaurant or cafe. Its appearance is a direct reflection of how the institution positions itself. A cheap option is suitable for cafes and dining rooms, but expensive restaurants that want to spend time in the long evenings do not save on design. A wooden bar made in the Pyotr Bursky Furniture Workshop will give the room a solid style. In addition, she will:

Functional. As a rule, the design of the bar counter consists of a wall and bar module, as well as a visor. You can choose the final configuration, as well as the dimensions of each of the components.

The original. We are ready to make a wooden bar, which will not look like hundreds of others! The unique design, carving and unique types of chamfers will make this piece of furniture so that visitors will want to come to you again and again to enjoy the atmosphere of the establishment. Various types of processing will create a bar counter in a specific style. In order to artificially age wood, we use the technique of patination and brushing. Bright decisions are feasible using tinting, and a sophisticated classic is an array covered with wax or oil.

Performed in accordance with your wishes. From our projects for the manufacture of wooden bar counters, exclusive things are obtained that are ideally integrated into the interior design.

A bar counter made of such wood species as oak, beech, ash or aged pine will become an elegant element of decoration in the establishment. Entering your restaurant or bar, visitors are unlikely to want to leave it. To spend time in the company of friends in a cozy and non-standard atmosphere – is this what your future visitors dream of?

Massive bar counters.

An array of wood as a raw material for the production of furniture has been and will be popular due to its properties:

– environmental friendliness,

– long service life,

– low maintenance requirements,

– beauty

It is impossible to overestimate natural wood – most of the original decorative details can only be made from it.

Bar counters made of solid aged pine: durable, wear-resistant, practical and incredibly aesthetic – they work not only for their intended purpose, but also for their image: they give the interior nobleness of antiquity, solidity, and presentability. Antique furniture for bars and cafes made of wood is the main tool for creating a warm, relaxed atmosphere that attracts visitors and makes them come back.

Aged furniture for bars and cafes made of wood is a respectability, an unsurpassed style, manners showing their character and nobility.

We all went to bars, cafes, restaurants and hotels and saw bar racks or reception desks, and already at the entrance to the room our eyes involuntarily rush straight towards the bar. And even in the relatively small kitchen of a modern apartment, the bar counter for the kitchen becomes a central element.

We will not give unnecessary arguments about a place in the interior and the magnetic properties of bar counters. Better dwell on them.

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