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Built-in wooden furniture in the house
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Characteristics of some types of wood
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Paint for wooden furniture – the most inexpensive way to update an old suite

Many of us have old furniture that is a pity to throw away. And someone buys unpainted wood products, for example, in Ikea, because they are cheaper. And here the question becomes very relevant, how to give them a decent look, while protecting the surface from various damage?

Types of paints for finishing wooden furniture
It is probably easier to list compounds that are completely unsuitable for painting wood and furniture from it. If we talk about the peculiarities of the appearance of the coating and its properties, then all paints and varnishes used for painting furniture can be divided into three groups: transparent varnishes and impregnations, water-soluble dispersion paints and enamels.

Transparent coatings
These include impregnations, stains, varnishes, azure, waxes. They can be colorless or contain coloring pigments.

Main common properties:

They do not close the structure of the tree, but even emphasize it, make it more expressive;
They have high vapor permeability, leaving the tree the ability to “breathe” – to give and receive moisture from the environment;
They contain substances that protect the base material from destruction and fading under the influence of ultraviolet rays.

If you decide how to paint wooden furniture that is well preserved externally or new, then varnishes and impregnations are a great option. Especially if it should fit into a classic or eco-style.

Note. When the time comes to repeat the treatment, the previously applied coating will not have to be removed, unlike covering paints. You just need to apply a fresh layer on top of it.

The following coatings are quite popular today in this category for furniture renovation and restoration:

Water soluble paints
Dispersion paints based on water as a solvent and polymer resins as a binder have become very popular in recent years.

Their advantages:

Dry quickly;
They do not emit harmful substances, so when choosing what to paint wooden furniture in the nursery, they stop on them;
Differ in vapor permeability and water resistance;
They can be matte or glossy, both covering and glazing;
Perfectly tinted: pigments can be added to the paint to obtain the desired shade;
After drying, they acquire frost resistance.
It is important. Resistance to negative temperatures is inherent only to the finished coating. The paint itself should be kept warm, since water during freezing destroys the structure of the emulsion.

Popular brands:

Enamels and paints based on organic solvents
Very popular in the recent past, now these formulations have significantly lost their position due to the growing popularity of water-soluble paints.

Which is not surprising:

They are toxic;
Fire hazard;
There is a sharp unpleasant odor when working with them;
Dry for a long time.

But at the same time they have a lot of advantages:

First of all, it is a low price compared to acrylic and other polymer soluble paints.
High water-repellent properties of the film formed on the surface during painting. Furniture coated with such enamel can be used in humid rooms.
Also, the film does not let air through, the tree does not breathe. In principle, for furniture this is not necessary. But you need to make sure that the wood from which it is made is perfectly dry. Otherwise, the coating will quickly begin to peel off and peel off.

How to paint furniture
In order for the paint for wooden furniture to lie evenly, hold well and serve for a long time, the surfaces must be carefully prepared for painting. If the furniture is new, then all you need to do is remove the dust.

You will have to tinker with the old one: remove the old coating, seal cracks and chips on the wood with putty, grind and primer.

Tip. Choose a primer on the same basis as paint. It is best if the compositions are from one manufacturer.

You can paint with a roller and a brush. Usually, the roller is used for smooth continuous surfaces, and all sorts of indentations and hard-to-reach spots are painted over with a brush. The most even coating is obtained using aerosol paints.

Before applying the paint, it must be stirred by vigorously shaking the spray can. It should be sprayed from a distance of 20-25 cm from the surface. The number of layers is determined visually. If two or more are required, they are applied at intervals during which the previous coat must dry.

The only drawback of this method is the impossibility of multi-colored staining. If you need strips or ornament on furniture, it is better to take ordinary paint and apply it with a brush.

Make masking lines even and clear with masking tape. It is glued along the lines of the picture, it is painted over with the desired color, then the tape is carefully removed.

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