How to make a kitchen table from boards
Often you want to do something for yourself, your loved ones, for a house, apartment, and not because it is cheaper, or you will do better than a factory product…

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Characteristics of some types of wood
Solid wood furniture is quite expensive. It is easy for a layman to confuse a chipboard with an array. In order not to be mistaken, it is best to look…

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Useful Tips
Two-component varnishes, or cold cured varnishes, as well as waterborne varnishes, have two big advantages over polyurethane varnishes: they dry faster and do not have time to become dusty; the…

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About wooden furniture and its properties.

Wood has been the only material for furniture for many centuries. Despite technological progress, people continue to make furniture from natural wood.

Moreover, thanks to the centuries-old experience of using different types of trees, studying their properties, people have found the most optimal ways to produce, process and operate wooden furniture.

One of the main factors when choosing wooden furniture is the appearance and texture of the wood from which the furniture is made. If we leave the visual qualities to your discretion, then it is better to figure it out in advance with the mechanical characteristics – hardness, wear resistance, strength and deformability.

According to the degree of density, wood is divided into three main groups:

Soft breeds: spruce, cedar, pine, fir, juniper, linden, aspen, poplar, willow, alder, chestnut.

Hard breeds: larch, beech, birch, oak, elm, elm, plane tree, maple, mountain ash, walnut, ash, apple tree.

Very hard breeds: white acacia, boxwood, hornbeam, dogwood, iron birch, pistachio tree, yew tree.

Of course, hardwood furniture is more durable than soft furniture. However, this does not mean that only hardwood is used by furniture makers. Each tree species has a lot of other properties that have become advantages. Let’s try to make out some of them.

walnut Density: solid.
Color: greenish gray to reddish brown.
Where it is most often used: veneer, thin section for furniture decoration, inlay of expensive furniture. Black walnut is the most precious variety of walnut in its beauty and other qualities. It is brought from America in two varieties: one is similar to a Persian nut (but darker and harder), the other is somewhat softer, more massive and easier to process. Both varieties are equally expensive and are used exclusively for veneering expensive furniture and massive carvings.

Birch Density: solid.
Color: yellowish white, sometimes brown.
Where it is most often used: it is applied in the form of peeled veneer, often birch is used for the most delicate and responsible work.
Features: obedient, but short-lived material, subject to decay.
Due to its structure, birch is very suitable for various coloring. Array and veneer of birch does not present much difficulty in processing.

KARELIAN BIRCH Karelian birch
Color: whitish yellow with a pinkish or brown tint.
Where it is most often used: it is used in the form of veneer for facing expensive furniture, it is often combined with elements of ebony and gilt bronze.
In contrast to simple birch, it is one of the most expensive species.
On the cut, the Karelian birch reveals the most bizarre drawings, one of which is called the “bird’s eye”.

Oak Density: solid, strong wood.
Color: from yellowish-white to yellowish-brown with a grayish or greenish tint; rare in natural color, usually pickled oak.
Where it is most often used: in the form of solid wood or veneer, effective in carving, dark bog oak is indispensable for inlaid wood with wood ..
Features: high resistance to decay; wood does not perceive alcohol varnish and varnish, but it glues well.
One of the most popular and respected breeds among Russians. With all its beauty, the oak tree is somewhat gloomy, so a massive set can make Dubmedovy look too hard in a small apartment. Most often, Oaks are used by Poles, Belgians, Belarusians and Romanians in the production of furniture of the so-called “Flemish” style. Oak furniture, regardless of style, place and time of manufacture, is characterized by a special structural strength and massive proportions. Almost always, oak furniture is decorated with abundant and varied carvings.
Oak has a powerful energy that can charge energy for a long time. Most suitable for men, especially strong, outstanding personalities who have to make important decisions and are ready for any trials. This is a tree of brave and courageous people.

Bukrozovy Density: solid, plastic, durable wood.
Color: pinkish yellow to reddish brown.
Where it is more often used: it is applied as an array and less often as a veneer; used in almost all types of furniture; especially suitable for the production of bent furniture.
Features: it is well finished with nitro and polyester varnishes (practically without changing color), waxed, painted in various solutions and bleached.
One of the most used trees in woodworking. Beech furniture has traditionally been a cheaper alternative to oak. It is well processed, polished, tinted in any color, has a beautiful natural shine.

Larch Density: solid wood.
Color: has the order of twelve shades.
Where it is most often used: finishing materials.
Features: severe climatic conditions of growth contribute to the accumulation of a large number of biologically active substances in larch.

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