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Do it yourself furniture made of wood – is it so difficult?

The design of any room involves not only the selection of finishing materials for walls and floors, but also the arrangement of furniture. The latter determines in many ways how comfortable and convenient it will be to use a particular room. It is not always possible to immediately purchase a ready-made version, and custom-made manufacturing can be quite a costly event. In such a situation, it is best to make furniture with your own hands from wood, choosing the right solution for configuration and design.

Materials for the manufacture of furniture: our tips will help you make the right choice
The choice in favor of wood is made thanks to the advantages of this natural material:

Durability. Subject to production technology and the formation of a protective layer, it is possible to guarantee a long service life of products made from solid wood. Adhering to certain recommendations for caring for a wooden surface, you can use a table or chairs for half a century;
Presentability Products create a special atmosphere, becoming the center of attention of others;
Ergonomics When developing furniture sets, the characteristics of specific people are taken into account;
Choice of finishes;
Uniqueness. No one else will have exactly the same furniture.
The manufacture of wood furniture is most often performed from wood panels, which can be:

Solid, made of solid wood;
Glued or pressed. In the manufacture of such panels, thin wooden sheets reliably connect to each other, forming a holistic material.
For the manufacture of furniture with your own hands from furniture panels, you can use a material of various colors. In the catalogs of manufacturers there is a tree of light and dark colors. This will allow you to choose the right option for a particular interior.

If the cost of finished panels seems too high, you can make furniture yourself with improvised tools. In this case, it will be necessary to show a certain fantasy so that the found branch, driftwood, bitches or pallets left after building materials become part of the future product.

In an effort to reduce the final cost of the product, some make their own furniture from chipboard. In a certain situation, this option deserves attention, but you should not count on the long life of the finished headset or table. This is an economical option that is suitable for a country house. Moving such products from one place to another is not worth it.

For the manufacture of furniture from solid wood do-it-yourself wood of various species can be used. Keep in mind that it can be:

Solid. Suitable for the manufacture of load-bearing elements. This can be an apple tree, beech, oak, plane tree, elm and many others. Elements made of such wood are capable of withstanding a significant operational load;
Soft. A suitable option for the manufacture of elements of decoration or ornament. Using cedar, poplar, birch, pine, willow or alder, you can get a product with a fairly beautiful texture. Due to its plasticity, the product lends itself well to processing, allowing you to form an element of the desired shape and size.

When choosing a tree species, one should also focus on the texture and texture of the material. Smooth countertops can be obtained from beech, linden or birch. When using walnut, blanched pine, oak or ash, you can achieve some relief.

Having decided to use an array, you should make sure in advance the quality of the material. It should be:

Almost without knots, which significantly reduce the strength characteristics of wood;
Tight fit annual rings. This is especially true for an array of conifers. The closer the rings, the stronger the board will be;
No fungus. The uneven color of wood indicates its presence. Especially in places of cut.

Features of the manufacture of wooden furniture
Before starting the production of wooden furniture, you should prepare the necessary tools, equipment and materials. It is worth taking care of the presence of a woodworking machine that allows you to form a surface of any shape and size. This will allow you to implement any project you have planned.

The manufacturing process itself includes the following steps:

Project development. It is important to consider where and how the future product will be used, its size and shape. Drawn in detail drawings of all elements for the future product.
Markup. At this stage, drawings from paper or electronic media are transferred to wood.
Sawing. All items are cut to size.
Processing with special compounds, the characteristics of which depend on the place of future operation. In addition to biosecurity, it is advisable to provide protection against moisture.
Applying a decorative coating. It can be varnish or paint.

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