About wooden furniture and its properties.
Wood has been the only material for furniture for many centuries. Despite technological progress, people continue to make furniture from natural wood. Moreover, thanks to the centuries-old experience of using…

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“The tyranny of the line has become absolute. A straight line is something cowardly, drawn along the line, without emotions and thoughts; it is a line that does not exist…

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WOODEN FURNITURE “Why do Europeans choose solid wood furniture?”
Solid wood furniture is a trend of the new era, but today it’s not just a fashion statement for everything natural, biologically pure. This is a new lifestyle. Following the…

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Using a windowsill in the kitchen

For the windowsill in the kitchen, designers often find interesting, innovative solutions. Consumers, wanting to get away from the ordinary and trivial, are happy to use new interior ideas.
Even if you have a spacious apartment, you can originally beat the place by the window by setting stylish decorative surfaces made of wood, of an unusual shape and in accordance with the general surroundings of the room. A window sill in a small kitchen, where the owners are faced with the task of making maximum use of living space, designers make a full-fledged functional place.

Design Ideas for Wooden Window Sill
Wood is an excellent natural material that can radically transform the atmosphere of any room. When professionally processed and properly selected breed, wood products serve their owners a long practical service and provide tremendous aesthetic pleasure.

Masters of carpentry love to work with wood, as the results of their work are embodied in beautiful interior compositions. In conjunction with designers, extraordinary projects are created, among which:

A window sill with a full working surface.
Combining the surface of a windowsill with a built-in kitchen.
Countertop at the window, combined with a bar.
A window sill with supports, like a table, for use as a dining area.
A similar option for organizing a workplace in the form of a full table.
Worktop with sink, bottom tables for placing kitchen utensils.
Spectacular compositions with a bay window.
Each of the options is selected based on the layout, area of ​​the kitchen, the arrangement of furniture, the desired design and functionality. With differences in height between the kitchen surface and the window sill, designers suggest creating various decor options or additional designs in this place that do not require technical coordination.

Advantages and disadvantages of the window sill
The countertop instead of the window sill in the kitchen, used as a functional area, is undoubtedly an advantageous solution for small areas, including, it is perfect for Khrushchev.

There are many advantages to this design:

A window sill made of the same material as kitchen furniture looks incredibly harmonious in the interior.
The kitchen surface, which goes into the tabletop window sill, allows optimal use of every centimeter of space.
At the same level of surface under the window and the kitchen set, the transition is solid and becomes a continuation of the working area, increasing its area.
If the window sill is higher or lower than the kitchen worktop, then it is convenient to use it as an additional shelf, a rack for placing a kettle, microwave, toaster, and other household appliances.
The creation of a sink or working area at the window eliminates the need to constantly turn on lighting devices and will save on electricity, because during cooking, natural light will always come in through the window during the day.
Alternatively, lockers are installed below, under the surface, which makes it possible to rationally use the area of ​​the room.
Of the minuses:

Installation is a little complicated.
Curtains require the selection of special models to the level of the windowsill.
Double-glazed windows and the ends of the windows must be reliably sealed so that the surface of the countertop is not covered by condensate.
Variants of a sill-countertop on the forms
Nowadays, there are many beautiful, wear-resistant window sills for multifunctional purposes in any form, size and configuration.

Depending on the layout, kitchen design and customer tastes, the following structures are made:

Square, rectangular.
L-shaped, U-shaped.
Complex shape.
Production is always preceded by measurement, discussion of all the nuances with the customer, creation and approval of the design project. Technological equipment allows you to perform figured cutting of solid wood in any form. Applying special carpentry techniques, various combinations of individual elements are created, including the following:

Flush mounting.
Additional shelves.
The lower cabinets are open and closed.
Elements of a bar counter.
Functional window sill made of wood can be made:

With a perfectly smooth surface – made from furniture panels.
From natural slabs – slices of solid wood.
From an array with simulated slab.
An unlimited selection of product sizes and shapes is achieved through the use of gluing, planing, joining, and multiple grinding technologies. Effective design and compliance with the overall interior of the kitchen is ensured by using techniques of tinting, varnishing, brushing, oil painting. The milling method allows you to decoratively process the edge of the product, creating original relief patterns or edge surfaces, beveled at different angles.

A bar counter by the window is another version of the original solution.
As a stylish interior composition, the designers propose the arrangement of a bar counter, which goes into the windowsill near the window.

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