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Wicker Furniture Tips

To begin with, we note that not all furniture that looks like wicker is a natural rattan or vine. In Europe, for example, luxury furniture for the garden is made of artificial rattan. Artificial wicker furniture is made of synthetic fiber imitating weaving. Such furniture is weatherproof, it can be on the street all year round without any special care. At least that’s what European brand manufacturers say.

Collections of artificial wicker furniture are developed by designers and may reflect the latest trends in interior fashion. The drawback, in fact, is one, it is not a natural material. The feeling of plastic will always be different than that of furniture made from natural materials.

Natural rattan furniture, as a rule, is made in the countries of Southeast Asia, where the rattan itself comes from. In Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines – hundreds of small wicker furniture factories and workshops. For these countries, the production of wicker furniture is a kind of business card, established business, and the quality of wicker furniture from Indonesia, respectively, is high. However, the design, in contrast to the European “braid”, is traditional, colonial. Of course, Indonesian, Filipino and Malaysian craftsmen can also offer original solutions, but mainly classical products that are used to the buyer are exported.

In Kazan, wicker furniture from Southeast Asia is sold in furniture centers, individual pieces of furniture are sold in IKEA, as well as through online stores. On hearing the brand “Kalamus Rattan”, “Kembali.” These are wicker furniture from Indonesia, natural rattan.

Important! The furniture centers also feature cheap wicker furniture from China. For example, a popular model – a wicker chair-papasan (a round chair in a colonial style) can cost about 5-6 thousand. A similar Indonesian model costs 12-13 thousand, although the chairs may look the same. But Chinese furniture uses low-grade rattan, which is unlikely to last long. Furniture will quickly lose its appearance, it will become loose. In addition to the rattan variety, there are other nuances that affect the quality of wicker furniture. And they are known only to specialists. For example, the technology of preparing raw materials before weaving, methods of connecting (fixing) parts, braids, which ultimately affects the stability and strength of furniture.

Natural rattan furniture is also produced in Europe: Italy, Spain, Sweden, Poland. European, Italian wicker furniture – this is a classic and designer, designer models. It is more expensive than the one that is produced in Southeast Asia. And this despite the fact that part of the work is performed not manually, but by machine.
Where is it profitable to buy quality rattan and vine furniture in Kazan?
Wicker furniture from Indonesia, Europe or cheap China? This is not the only alternative for those who want to furnish an apartment or a country house with beautiful and environmentally friendly rattan and vine furniture.
Wicker furniture salon from Indonesia ART-SV opened in Kazan. Rattan is purchased directly from Indonesia, so prices are maintained at the level of Moscow online stores. Almost all models of furniture are on a fold in Kazan, so delivery is quick.
Wicker furniture in the interior. Where appropriate?
Of course, wicker furniture is most often seen in the open air: gardens, terraces, balconies, verandas, arbors, pools, winter gardens, in a word, where you need to create an atmosphere of relaxed relaxation.

Recently, living rooms and even rattan bedrooms have come into fashion. It is quite possible and such: huge windows, polished porcelain stoneware floor – and cozy wicker beds or sofas.

In spacious apartments, on glazed balconies, where winter gardens are often arranged, wicker furniture will remind you of summer. She will add natural accents to the living room or dining room, which soften even the strict atmosphere.

Good wicker screens and lamps with soft lighting. They will decorate the minimalist interior, casting a lace shadow in the evenings on the “clean” walls and ceiling. In addition, openwork weaving is an excellent tool to visually “lighten” a room in which there are many objects. Even the most voluminous thing with weaving elements seems airy.

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