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DIY Scratch Repair on Wooden Furniture: Proven Tools

Scratches on wooden furniture inevitably appear during its operation. They spoil the appearance of the coating and contribute to the rapid wear of wood. Fortunately, most damage to a tree can be easily masked or repaired on its own. However, do not use folk methods – they can not only be useless, but also spoil the furniture! It is better to purchase specialized tools designed for working with wood. In this article we will look at popular tools for repairing wooden furniture, their advantages and disadvantages.
Furniture Wax

Furniture Wax – A proven tool for removing scratches from wooden surfaces. For small cracks, soft wax is best, and hard wax is suitable for deep damage. The composition, in its consistency resembling plasticine, is hammered into a scratch and perfectly levels the surface. The complete set of solid wax consists of three bars stained with natural pigments. All colors can be mixed with each other, which allows you to precisely select the color of the surface to be repaired or even restore a damaged wood pattern.

To use furniture wax, special skills are not required. The technique for applying it is quite simple:

• We clean and degrease the surface of the tree;

• Apply a small amount of wax to the scratch site;

• Carefully rub the composition into the surface in a circular motion – for this it is better to use a soft rag;

• Leave the wax for several hours until completely solidified;

• Carefully remove excess wax with a knife.

It should be noted that furniture wax cannot be replaced with ordinary bees. It is composed of special additives that fix the composition on the surface of the tree and adjust to the color of the coating.

In the Samokraska store you can purchase quality furniture wax from the German brand Edding. This composition is easy to use and has a large number of shades. The set contains three wax bars of similar color shades. Each set is matched to the color of a particular tree species (oak, beech, walnut, mahogany, maple, etc.)

Furniture marker

If there is a shallow but still noticeable scratch on the wooden surface, it is easiest to repair the damage with a special furniture marker. The marker not only paints the damaged area in the color of wood, but also fills the scratch with a waterproof composition with a lacquering effect, so that by wiping the furniture from dust, you will no longer accidentally erase the ink of the furniture marker, again exposing the damage.
Furniture markers are available in a different color palette for all the most common types of wood, so choosing the right color to repair scratches on a wooden surface will not be difficult.


To eliminate chips at the corners, deep dents and other similar mechanical damage, wood putty will already be needed.
You should purchase a composition specifically designed for wood, because the tidy appearance of the furniture depends on the quality of the putty. Acrylic, oil and adhesive compounds have proven themselves best.

Consider the repair process in stages:

• Before starting work, the surface must be degreased and dried;

• We apply the composition with a metal or plastic spatula. In case of deep damage, putty putty. It is important to note that a new layer can be applied only after the previous one has completely dried;

• Wait for drying and grind the treated surface;

• We apply paints and varnishes. In order to align the color of the repaired area with the color of the product itself, it is better to paint the surface with special paint on wood or wood stain.

Of course, if the damage to the furniture is not limited to scratches and you have not been able to eliminate the listed means, or it is a matter of restoring valuable antique items, it is better to contact a professional for repair.

In the online store “Samokraska” you can easily find tools for restoration and decoration of furniture. Our catalog contains a large selection of varnishes, paints, primers on wood, as well as adhesive compounds for professional and household furniture repair. Thanks to modern high-quality materials, anyone can update the look of their favorite furniture!

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DIY Scratch Repair on Wooden Furniture: Proven Tools
Scratches on wooden furniture inevitably appear during its operation. They spoil the appearance of the coating and contribute to the rapid wear of wood. Fortunately, most damage to a tree…


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